Vanilla sweet masticha jar

Who can resist a vanilla sweet with the aroma of mastic? Natural mastic, the "tear" of the mastic tree, is an exceptional agricultural product not only because it’s cultivated and produced in a special place and in a unique way but also because of its qualities and multiple applications.

Product Characteristics

Τεμάχια ανά κιβώτιο 8
Διάσταση κιβωτίου (ΜxΠxΥ) 41/27/13,5cm
Βάρος κιβωτίου καθαρό 8kg
Διάσταση τεμαχίου (ΜxΠxΥ) 19/12/7,5cm



Nutritional Information

  Ανά / Per 100g %RI per 50g
Energy 553kcal/2310kj 14%
Fats 32,1g 23%
Saturated fatty acid 5,3g 13%
Carbonhydrates 53,6g 10%
Sugar 46,8g 26%
Proteins 13,0g 13%
Fiber 1,2g 2%
Salt 0,01g 0%