of art & tahini!

We welcome you to a delightfully sweet world, a world filled
with pure ingredients, fine raw materials, unique recipes, rich flavors
and aromas of the past. Join us in a journey to the paths of tradition,
led by one of Constantinople’s most typical delicacies, authentic oriental halva!

A sweet story...

Ioannis N.Lukas and Georgios N.Lukas, two brothers born in Istanbul, were introduced from an early age to the art of authentic halva and trained alongside great Greek masters at famous pastry workshops in the city. In 1945, they decided to come to Thessaloniki ­–with only few utensils but with a lot of passion– to continue doing what they loved: the production of authentic, traditional halva!

That's how it all started for the Lukas’ family business which has since been identified with tahini and walnut paste products of the highest quality. Today, two generations later and with the grandchildren of the founders (John.S.Lukas and George.S.Lukas) behind the wheel, the company continues its ascending course.

Quality over quantity has always been the key to the company’s progress. For the last 15 years, Lukas products reach international markets and are being exported to Australia, Germany, England, Poland, Sweden, Austria and Bulgaria.