Vanilla sweet jar

Aromatic and pure white in color, "ipovrichio" used to be the official sweet of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. It is an all time classic and one of the most favorite sweets in every Greek household.

Product Characteristics

Τεμάχια ανά κιβώτιο 8
Διάσταση κιβωτίου (ΜxΠxΥ) 41/27/13,5cm
Βάρος κιβωτίου καθαρό 8kg
Διάσταση τεμαχίου (ΜxΠxΥ) 19/12/7,5cm



Nutritional Information

  Ανά / Per 100g %RI per 50g
Energy 553kcal/2310kj 14%
Fats 32,1g 23%
Saturated fatty acid 5,3g 13%
Carbonhydrates 53,6g 10%
Sugar 46,8g 26%
Proteins 13,0g 13%
Fiber 1,2g 2%
Salt 0,01g 0%